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I’ve seen tons of Tailgate on Halloween theme, so I made one too ww
Cyclonus knows best he must get :^)

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Virgo listening to a pointless debate:


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album art by: ???(please give source if you know it!)

roddy gif by: sabbat5 

Somebody a while ago asked me to do TOM’s “Fall down seven times, get up eight” speech as Rodimus I forgot about it like a dummy but remembered! Because lately, it seems like a lot of people are down. I hope this helps I really do.

download HERE (click the little downward pointing arrow!)

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These are memories that time does not erase.

No amount of time could ever erase the memory of his closest friend. No amount of grieving could ever make up for the words never said. Even deleting memories of Rewind could never erase the guilt that weighed heavy on his spark.

It was his fault that Overlord had escaped. And it would be his responsibility alone to bear the weight of Rewind’s death, and of the others who had died on the Lost Light.

Poster(s) I made inspired by the feels of MTMTE. Both are available for purchase as posters in my society6 shop. :)

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so for momocon in may next year, im cosplaying as vanellope from wreck it ralph, hopefully maybe my version of sailor jupiter, and i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to come up with my own humanized version of MTMTE cyclonus. i already have the wig and horns imaged in my brain, but i have absolutely n o idea what to do with the outfit or makeup. i was thinking like a dress or something over gray/silver tights. I DONT KNOW! but i do want to make this happen.

can a n y b o d y help me out, maybe draw out an idea for the outfit?? ill even pay you. omg i really want to make this happen, and i want the cosplay to look good, i just need some help.

pls pls pls tumblr friends, you guys are my last resort! D: (if you want to signal boost this, you can if you want buT YOU DONT HAVE TOOOOO.. yes im that desperate for help)

You could do a hybrid. Have you seen my Rewind cosplay? It’s half clothing with a few key bits of defining armor. You could make his wings for a start, the claws perhaps

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Something important about ears #1

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By the AllSpark I’m still confused after reading the half of MTMTE story..!! ><

Somebody help me explain what happened I’m way to bad now understanding their way of English;;;;

Feel free to leave an Ask with what’s confusing you.

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Friendly reminder of this oft-forgotten talent of Rewind’s where he’s able to gauge a bot’s mood just by hearing them transform.

I love that Chromedome is so into Rewind he talks about him without anyone prompting him to
“Hi, I’m Chromedome and my husband is TOTALLY AMAZING”

Adorable canon couple is adorable <3

Precious cuddly gay space robot being a cutie and getting all adorably excited about how amazing his tiny husband is :D

Reblogging for the comments XD

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"And thus it was, a Fourth Age of Middle-earth began. And the Fellowship of the Ring, though eternally bound by friendship and love, was ended.”

(Source: bel-eriand)

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to any transformers/comic fans who has been seeing stuff on their dash/heard about mtmte and are thinking about getting into it but are worrying about

a) whether it’ll be worth your money

b) whether it’ll be a one-time read

c) whether your love for transformers in general will be a passing fad

d) whether it’ll be worth your money (bc let’s face it not all of us have this luxury)


my advice? buy it. you’ll fall in love with this wonderful yet somewhat tragic universe and it’s cast that james roberts has put together with his words and wits. and soon you’ll look back at your questioning self and wonder why you took so long to give mtmte a chance.

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Headcanon: Ratchet sleeps all the time during Rodimus’ speeches and officers meetings, the crew thinks he’s just too angry to move or look at them