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…cursed for craving gold!

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So here’s a definitive way to make me instantly start crying: play Edge of Night over the new Hobbit trailer. Peter Jackson, (with affection) you’re an asshole.

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If the 50 Shades of Grey movie does better than the new Hobbit movie I’m burning down an orphanage

I will pass you the matches and kindling

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Let’s start begging Peter Jackson about a Silmarillion movie because I don’t know about you guys but I’m not emotionally prepared to give up Tolkien

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play Edge Of Night as I’m lowered into my grave

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Bilbo better fucking sing the “Home is Behind” song, seeing as Bilbo wrote that song and it was featured in the trailer.

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gone where I can’t follow.

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In the new trailer, as Pippin’s Song ends, the elves raise their bows. In The Return of the King, at the same point of the song, the orcs in Osgiliath raise their bows.


And if that doesn’t get to you, I don’t know what will.

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I have a teeny rewind figure now all I need is the chromedome coming out third quarter and I can make myself sad every day

Chromedome coming out third quarter? Did you mean the TFSS 2.0 one? Or is there some other Chromedome figure coming out ‘cause I’ve not heard of any other Chromedome figure scheduled for release save the TFSS one.

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I began to work at this a little more today and went in a direction I kinda liked. Mind you I started to get inspired by some art nouveau, and wanted to see if I could try my hand at it.

I’d asked for advice on my last post but all I got was a lot of people enjoying/liking the ideas I’d thrown out there. xD So about about you guys give me more of your thoughts on this so far? I was wanting to include Rewind in this but didn’t know what to do- so I thought of his last moments with Chromedome, and remembered the scene of him getting locked-in with Overlord. So I was thinking of drawing that scene of him looking out of the window, which is what the large circle is for. I have two different colors shown because I tried the redish hue from the comics, but I felt like it was a bit eye-bleeding. So I tried blue and it gives it almost a calmer feel. Which do you guys prefer/feel works better? I’d include Rewind either looking through the window very dramatically, or maybe possibly have a fond memory of Chromedome’s of Rewind playing out in it. I dunno- this is why I need your opinions guys! :) I was thinking of throwing Overlord in it at the top, but decided that it’d be a little too much. Still going to add things here and there since it’s supposed to be art nouveau- so feel free to suggest. 

What do you guys think so far?

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So I noticed something when I was rereading MTMTE’s Shadowplay for the up-teenth time (spoilers for if you haven’t read it yet)


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beep beep. make way for this ridiculously attractive asshole.

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tried painting ?
storms make me sleepy

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The entire hobbit fandom now regarding the BOFA trailer



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It’s time’s like the trailer release that the Tolkien fandom reveals how big it is.