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but has anyone written the tune for/completed ‘i’m a lonely cybertronian’

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I came across this post, which reminded me of a small easter egg I’ve inserted in this last panel and it might have so subtle I never saw anyone commenting about it.

The printing didn’t help, it was a bit darker than the original, for that reason I’m posting the original panel. 

In the book, [SPOILERS] Orion Pax is speaking on behalf of Megatron to the Senate [/SPOILERS], so why not making some sort of reference to that.

The lighting in the Senate room and Orion consequentely do look odd and perhaps a bit off on some of these panels but these lights did have a purpose: the panel above alone. 

If you cover the lightned part of Orion’s face, you get this:

Does it look familiar? Here’s a hint.

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i have a sick goal to get people writing and talking and drawing about how imperfect and codependent CD-Rom is

and the flaws and the dysfunction is what makes it all works. but rewind dident save chromedome, he just became a crutch to keep him moral. and now that hes gone hes hella relapsing. and that rewinds search for dominus ambus is awful to chromedome and god its so fucked up!

and dont even get me started on how rewind and dominus ambus relationship its hella fucked up too. i mean rewind was a slave how could he consent good god like half of it has to be stockholm syndrome and the other some misplace scene of loyalty

if i was a writer i would write like ten novels god help me. they just clung to each other because chromedome is the weakest moutherfucker in all of cybertron and rewind has a skewed sense of what a relationship should be so they make the foundation of there love on that!

i mean god do they love each other, god do they make it work. theres support and teamwork and boundaries. but if you look deep into it and what makes the relationship its fucked up

Granted you don’t have to do much to get me writing for them.

These two are my babies, I love them so fucking much.

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how to properly write fanfiction

  • write 1 chapter
  • don’t write for a week
  • start an entirely new story
  • rinse, lather, repeat
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Tailgate: ○| ̄|_

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dude did I mention that I really dig Crosshairs, because I do

weh just wanted to IDW-ize the guy, he’s really cool

AGH I’ll redo this later

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Of course I’m gonna draw these two ;w;

Ok last one I’m gonna do of these prompts, gotta get back to work on other stuff uvu

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im not that far in mtmte but i see people being sad about chromedome and rewind. 

something sad with them better not happen. i wont allow that

*passes you a big box of cookies*

You’re going to need that…

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TFcon 2014: Lost Light cosplay shenanigans [part 2]


Too lazy to tag people ATM (it was 11 PM when I scheduled this post and I was tired)…But thanks to mars-maggie for taking all these pics!

Lots more along these lines to post and tag when I return from girly land and back to nerdtown on Sunday~

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YOU FREAKING KNOW MAN IM SO GLAD YOU NOTICED — he just wants to make sure his man can feel tall 

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TAAO 회지 축전 ;3~
뤽응니 원고 힘쇼! 힘쇼!